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Human Resources

Today TopProm Holding employs over 2,600 people. The company HR Policy is implemented in strict compliance with legislative requirements of the Russian Federation.

HR Policy

The Personnel Department is in charge of forming a talent pool, its primary target is staffing the company with personally responsible and highly-qualified specialists, providing efficient and swift solutions to tasks assigned. Professionalism, honesty, proactiveness and readiness to share responsibility for the results obtained - these qualities are in focus. A specialist’s career move depends on his or her work efficiency.Management personnel reserve s formed not only by way of headhunting and selecting the best industry specialists.

In the first place we aim to use our own human resources - talented employees able and willing to develop professionally. Respect for the individual, fair estimate of job and dedication - these are the main principles TopProm Holding always adheres to. The personnel management system helps employees self-actualize and make profit for the company. The system is based on partnership and cooperation, which ensure common success and thus high living standard to all people working for TopProm.

Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year contests

The TopProm Holding enterprises - Shchedrukhinskaya and Taibinskaya coal preparation plants - hold Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year contests among blue-collar staff.

The puproses of the contests are

when deciding on winners the election committee consider such criteria as work results and discipline, as well as compliance with safety regulations.

Cooperation with higher education institutions

By working with universities and colleges TopProm Holding secures its tomorrow's skill pool and takes part in training the most promising young specialists, helping purchase necessary equipment. The brightest students are offered a job at one of the TopProm’s companies.

With a view to increase the employees’ professional skills, TopProm holds trainings and educational seminars involving Russian and foreign top industry experts. Organizing academic activities we utilize advanced teaching techniques and modern training programs.