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Quality Control Laboratory

The modern сoal preparation plant Shchedrukhinskaya produces clean coal of premium quality. The coal is cleaned down to 4-11% of inherent ash.

Laboratory and Technical Control Department

Our accredited chemical laboratory maintains adequate quality control of the produced coal. The laboratory was established in order to determine quality of raw coal and clean coal,

to collect samples and to perform tests as well. The priority mission of the Technical Control Department is systematic monitoring of ROM coal from suppliers and of coal we produce.


Quality parameters controlled by our Laboratory

No Subject Parameter Regulations
      Regulatory requirements for the parameters tested Measurement procedures or testing methods
  Hard coal   GOST R 51591- 2000  
1   Samples preparation   GOST 10742-71
2   Moisture content   GOST 529 11 -2008
(ISO 589:2003,
ISO 5068-1:2007)
GOST 11 014-2001
3   Ash content   GOST 11 022-95 (ISO 1171-97)
4   Volatile-matter content   GOST 6382-2001
5   Calorific value   GOST 147-95 (ISO 1928-76)
6   Total sulfur
  GOST 8606-93 (ISO 334-92)
7   Plastometric parameters   GOST 11 86-87 (ST CMEA 5775-86)
8   Swelling index   GOST 20330-91 (ISO 501-81)


Our laboratory provides Quality certificates for the coal ranks as follows:

“G” (gas coal) – coking and steaming
“GZhO” (gas fat lean coal)
“KS” (coking low-caking coal)
“KSN” (coking low-caking low-metamorphized coal)
“KO” (coking lean coal)
“Zh” (fat coal)
“GZh” (gas fat coal)
“GZh + Zh” (gas fat coal + fat coal)