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60th Anniversary of the Taibinskaya Plant: focus on development

In June 2013 the Taibinskaya Coal Preparation Plant, a constituent enterprise of TopProm Holding, celebrates its 60th anniversary. The celebrations are held during the Plant upgrade period started in 2012.

The Taibinskaya CPP is an enterprise with a long history. Since 1953 its clean coal has been supplied to the largest steel mills in the Soviet Union, and now in Russia and abroad. For the city of Kiselevsk the Plant can be termed as one of the city-forming enterprises since both the Plant’s and the employees’ fates and fortunes have become inseparable from the city history. 

Today around 400 people work at the Plant, who do their best to complete important production tasks - higher throughput and clean coal quality improvement. At the turn of its 60th anniversary, Taibinskaya Plant is an enterprise with high potential for further development and with qualified personnel which at all times is devoted to its job.

The management team of TopProm Holding and Nikolay Korolev congratulate all the employees on this anniversary. Your dedicated work and devotion are highly appreciated. We wish you success and new production achievements!