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Behind the wheel

In early October we held its first karting competition among the employees of TopProm Holding, which was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of our transportation enterprise TransAvto.

Most of the participants were beginners in racing sport, but the fact only spurred interest in the competition, not a guy one, by the way - ladies got behind the wheel as well.

The competition was divided into two parts. First the teams of the Holding raced for the title of the Karting Champion. Total of six three-person teams participated in the race. The second phase was the contest between the TransAvto seven two-person teams.

The roar of engines, speed and adrenaline reigned that day on the go kart track. The contest was truly hot, emotions ran high!

The best on the track among the enterprises of the Holding proved to the team:

1st place – the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant

2nd place - TransAvto LLC

3rd place – the Koksovaya washplant

Among the TransAvto teams the results of the first karting competitions are as follows:

1st place - Konstantin Ruddy and Konstantin Khomchenko;

2nd place - Andrey Kartashov and Sergei Mironov;

3rd place - Evgeny Steshin and Sergey Chebanov.

Congratulations to the winners!