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Green Spring 2018

The All-Russia Ecological Clean-up "Green Spring 2018" started in Novokuznetsk on April 21.

Our active citizens, property management companies, educational institutions and city businesses swung into action to clean up the city.

The 28th of April 2018 was announced a common public “subbotnik”, as we call it in Russia.

TopProm Holding was among the businesses to take an active part in the event. At 10 am our volunteers headed to the left bank of the Aba river. The area we took – from 1 Belana street to the Nogradskaya highway bridge – was a real challenge with a lot of garbage.

The sunny weather made the action even more positive. Good mood and active social stand did their work: two hours of cleaning gave the territory a new look.

By taking part in such events, each of us can make his or her fair share of contribution into the city beautification. Having collected at least one bag of garbage, you won’t be able to throw any piece of paper or plastic on the lawn or sidewalk.

 «Зеленая весна» — 2018  «Зеленая весна» — 2018


 «Зеленая весна» — 2018  «Зеленая весна» — 2018