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Homeland’s Nature

The Homeland’s Nature photo contest, announced in the august issue of the TopProm Today newspaper, has been finalized. The contest was held in line with the social policy of the company to give rise to environmental education of the employees.

Participants submitted 93 works and each of these was a reflection of love to the Kuzbass’ nature, its sustainable abundance and beauty. The mountains of Kuznetsky Alatau and Shoria became the most popular photography topics. Among others were farmlands, ski treks, rafting and favorite hiking trails.

The captions under the photos were no less interesting and creative: “The nature of Kemerovo region is fascinating. Mountains, fields, flowers... You feel like taking a blanket and lie on the grass with your favorite book”. Simple words about nature and family vacations express the sincere affection of the contestants for their homeland.

Every picture is unique as it reflects a person’s individual outlook on the world around. Summarizing the results of voting the following winners were decided:

All the participants will get prizes and presents and their works will compose a corporate presentation.