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Honoring the honorable

On the 26th of December the Novokuznetsk city hall hosted an awarding ceremony finalizing the year 2014. The Novokuznetsk Golden Badge was given only to six citizens, with Andrey Borshchevich – the General Director of TopProm - among them.

The award was launched per resolution by the city mayor Sergey Kuznetsov in December 2013. Andrey Mikhaylovich was given the Golden Badge for his merit to the city and a considerable personal contribution to the city’s social and economic development. All the employees of TopProm Holding are greatly proud of their superior and wish him success in his future endeavors and public activities.

Among those awarded also were the Deputy City Mayor for Economic Affairs Irina Proshunina, the Deputy City Mayor for Ordzhonikidzevsky district, the Federal Security Service Directorate officers Aleksey Kozlov and Nikolay Firstov and the head physician of Children's Hospital No.4 Sergey Shchepetkov.

The Novokuznetsk Golden Badge is awarded to the Russian Federation citizens, whose work yielded tangible results for the city in its economic, political, scientific, social and other sectors.