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International Children's Day

On 2 June, we threw a party for those who participated in our traditional children creativity contest, dedicated to the International Children's Day.

The kids of the employees from the whole TopProm group were invited to take part in the creative workshop. The contestants’ works were assessed in two nominations: art project (age 4-9 y.o.) and creative photo project (age 10-17 y.o.). 41 drawings and 9 pictures were submitted for the contest.

In their works, the young participants depicted the city sights, streets, monuments, as well as the landscape of our native land.

The following winners were selected by the online poll:

Art project (age 4-9 y.o.):

Creative photo project (age 10-17 y.o.):

At the awards ceremony, the winners got prizes, and, of course, all the participants received memorable souvenirs.

At the party, each child could find an activity of interest: to prepare a pizza under the guidance of a professional chef, to take part in a painting master class or to take part in a dance etude. 

All the kids enjoyed the show program: the fascinating cryo show, unbelievable tricks, soap-bubble show, and face painting. The youngest participants were busy at the play area during the whole party.

Delicious pizza and sweet dessert waited for the children after the award ceremony. The party became a true family event, and the great weather has charged up everyone with a good mood for the whole day.

Международный День защиты детей в «ТопПром»
Международный День защиты детей в «ТопПром»
Международный День защиты детей в «ТопПром»
Международный День защиты детей в «ТопПром»