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Kuzbass miners to invest in the coal industry

On the 27th of January the First Deputy Governor of Kemerovo region Maksim Makin met the major Kuzbass miners to sign an agreement on social and economic cooperation. It stipulates that the region coal companies will invest over 5.7 billion rubles into the mining industry in 2015.

TopProm’s 2015 plans include assimilating about 5 billion rubles. Andrey Borshchevich, the General Director, mentioned that the major part of these funds will be spent for the recovery of the Yubileynaya Mine, acquired from EVRAZ in early 2013. The Mine is to be put into operation in Q1 2016. The coal washing rate this year keeps up with the last year figures - 5.5 million tons.

Besides the coal companies traditionally commit to co-finance major 2015 social projects in the region, above all else those include organizing the Miner’s day celebration and supporting orphanages.