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Live Music to support Wildlife

On July 27th 2013 a musical and environmental campaign named “ECOproSVET” was held. It was organized by our good friends – the Kuznetsky Alatau Nature Reserve. TopProm in its turn rendered its financial support.

This time the musical bands voiced their support for Kuzbass nature. There was a punk band from the city of Mezhdurechensk named “Post A”, ethnic duet “Put-i-Shestviye” from Kemerovo, cover-band “Ivan Urgant” from Novokuznetsk and the band “Zhazhda” from Novosibirsk. Besides, the guests of the event learned a lot about the Kuznetky Alatau Nature Reserve, participated in contests and had a chance to win prizes.

The combination of live music and wildlife views on the monitors was especially admired by the audience. The audience positive response was a proof that the event was a success. This was another way to remind people of the importance of ecological awareness.