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Making the city greener

Though this May doesn’t please us with warm spring weather, this is not an excuse to postpone the gardening plans.

On May 17, a team from the Yubileynaya mine headed to Chistogorsky village to plant a pine forest. TopProm Holding purchased spruce and apple seedlings at the request of the Novokuznetsk Municipal District Administration as a part of planting campaign, the trees were to be planted beyond the local school territory. 100 spruces and 30 apple trees were carefully allocated throughout the area. Among those who took part in the event were the Great Patriotic War veterans, Tersinsky village administration, representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs and the controlling ecologist.

Within 2.5 hours the work was done. Three tree lines will be growing and pleasing our eyes with their  Siberian splendor.

A day later, on May 18, in advance of the All-Russia Planting day, the representatives of TopProm JSC took part in the event dedicated to “greening” the Novoilyinsky district of Novokuznetsk. Young families from different districts came to help plant apple trees - totally it made 60 ones. The event was a true holiday, including contests for kids and a tea-party. All in all, 200 people were involved in the event.

As a result, we created a new eco object having fun and helping each other. The city administration and citizens thanked TopProm for providing seedlings for planting.

 Озеленяем родной город
 Озеленяем родной город