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Making the Shoria’s heart beat

On October 30 within the framework of the Year of Culture in Russia the central city Gogol library hosted a party launching a book by the Shorian poetess Tayana Tudegesheva - “Poems about the Mountain Shoria’s nature world “Elimay”. TopProm Holding had become a book publishing sponsor and an organizer of the event.

Dim light, ethnic music, performances of folk music bands in bright clothes and an exhibition of Shorian household items – this was what made the evening with Tayana Tudegesheva a real immersion into the world of Shorian culture. Among the guests were the officials of the Kemerovo region administration, the governments of Novokuznetsk, Myski, Osinniki, and Tashtagol district, also the members of the ethnic social movements and organizations, honored art and culture figures, literary critics and writers. The poetess launched her book with plenty of flowers given and kind words said.

“…poetry of Tayana Tudegesheva makes the Shoria’s heart beat!” – this was how Chyltys Tannagasheva, an ethnic Shorian singer, congratulated her teacher. Among other Shorian performers were such bands as The Chyltys, The Otchagash, The Otehn, the children's dance group Otchagash and the singer Inna Tunekova.

The TopProm Holding Board Chairman Nikolay Korolev marked this event being the last one of the Holding’s projects in the course of the Year of Culture in the Russian Federation and serving a connecting link to the Year of Literature. M-r Korolev wished to the honoree much inspiration and success in career, defining her work as “a guide to the history and nature of Mountain Shoria”.

Mrs. Tayana Vasiliyevna warmly thanked those who’d assisted in publication and signed the copies of the book for all the guests. In the end of the party everyone flew into the sky a white balloon tied with a blue ribbon in order to attract good luck and make dreams come true according one Shorian tradition.

Tayana Vasiliyevna Tudegesheva is a Shorian poetess, a member of the Union of Russian writers, a Kuzbass prize awardee, an International Writing Yershov Contest diploma holder and a regional professional writing Obraz competition winner. “Poems about the Mountain Shoria’s nature world “Elimay” is the poetess’ fourth book and her first book of poems for children. The book was written in two languages - Shorian and Russian, brightly illustrated by the designer R.R.Ibadulin.