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New equipment for students

On March 15th, 2013 the Departments of Physical Chemistry and the Theory of Metallurgical Processes of SibSIU hosted the presentation of the modern equipment for the research laboratories of the Department, as well as the first lessons for the students in the new conditions. On the same day the Department was welcoming a dear guest and a graduate of SibSIU – Nikolay Korolev, the Director of TopProm CJSC, with the financial support of which the new equipment for the laboratory was purchased, with the total cost of equipment of around 1 million rubles.

Students and research associates of the Department are equally happy to have the new instruments and the opportunities that they offer. “It used to take many efforts even to weigh chemical agents. We had to mess around with the settings, plummets… and now it is so easy”, the Department researchers said. Nikolay Kulagin, Ph.D in Chemistry, the staff scientist of the Department said: “The Laboratory equipment hasn’t been updated since I was a student here. Some instruments got out of order and we had to abandon a number of experiments at the lessons. Certainly, work with the new equipment is much more enjoyable and effective. And students can study now in modern conditions”.

Nikolay Korolev admitted that it felt nice to visit his university again, to plunge into the atmosphere of studentship and to converse with the young generation. “I wish there were more companies and plainly not indifferent people helping educational institutions, so that the students could become highly qualified advanced specialists. Tomorrow is with them. It is important to help the region in creating decent learning environment and raising good human resources”.

Background information:

The Department of Physical Chemistry and the Theory of Metallurgical processes was established in 1939. From 1939 to 1957, only two disciplines were taught: Physical Chemistry and the Theory of Metallurgical Processes. Afterwards, Colloid Chemistry and Metals Corrosion and Protection were added. Now the Department curriculum includes such disciplines as: Physical Chemistry, the Theory of Metallurgical Processes, Metals Corrosion and Protection, Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems, Basic Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Complex Metallurgical Systems.

The Department has two lecture halls, three classrooms (where laboratory courses take place) two research laboratories and a curriculum office.


From left to right, standing: D.I. Oshchepkov; N.M. Kulagin, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Rector of SibSIU in 1988-2008; S.A Novikova; N.V. Korolev, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Director of CJSC TopProm; V.V. Vasilyev, Ph.D in Technical Sciences; V.V. Postolov.

From left to right, sitting: G.G.Polyakova; A.I. Poshevneva, Ph.D. in Chemistry, the Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry and the Theory of Metallurgical Processes; I.N. Tolkunova, Associate Professor, Ph.D in Technical Sciences.

SibSIU student and N.V. Korolev, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Director of CJSC TopProm              SibSIU student working with laboratory equipment