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New kilometers of railway tracks

Aiming to increase the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant's production capacity, TopProm management team is continuing the construction of non-public railway tracks.

Within the year 2012 the length of railway tracks has been extended by 3,185 meters. Now their total length is 9,376 meters long. Among these during the year 2012 there were built: 200-meter railway track No.17 (run-off track) and 270-meter railway track No.19 (draw-out track).

These tracks were approved by Federal Committee under the chairmanship of the Federal Railway Transport Agency and the Federal Agency for Transport Supervision.

Besides there was built track No.9 (receiving-departure track) - 1,050 meters long, track No.10 (receiving-departure track) - 1100 meters long, and No.11 (draw-out track) - 250 meters long, which were accepted and approved by the TopProm Commission.

We plan to build and put into service a Shchedrukhinskaya Railway Station as a separate structural subdivision of TopProm Holding. This will allow us to increase the volumes of coal loading, to shorten the delivery time and to move to a new level of the Plant operation.