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New railway facilities put into service

TopProm CJSC has built and put into service 4600m of railway tracks, which will enable TopProm to increase the clean coal supplies twice.

As of May 1st 2011 the total length of the TopProm’s non-public railway track was 1591m. During the summer construction season of 2011, additionally 4600 meters of railway track were built and duly put into service as per the project approved by the Russian Railways. The actual cost of construction amounted to 90 million roubles.

On November 8th 2011 the new tracks were presented to the State Committee for commissioning and the Certificate of Commissioning was signed. Subsequent to the commissioning of the new track, a new Regulation for Operating and Maintenance Procedures at TopProm’s non-public railway track, adjacent to Polosukhino station, was developed and agreed with the Western-Siberian Railway. A new Technical Certificate of Railway Track was issued as well, and a new identity - “Shchedrukhinskaya Station” - was added into the Regulation.

On January 26th 2012 the Certificates of Ownership for the railway tracks  №№ 5 – 769м, 7 – 1219m, 8 – 1288m, 12 – 233m and two crossovers №№ 4/6 – 89m and 15/17 – 91m were submitted to the Russian State Register. Currently, the total length of the TopProm’s (Shchedrukhinskaya station) non-public railway track amounts to 6191 meters.


1. The Raw Coal unloading increased twice in December 2011 as compared to December 2010;
2. The Clean Coal loading increased twice as well, for the same period;
3. Due to the opportunity to make up railcars in terms of the weight and length as specified by Western-Siberian Railway, TopProm CJSC gets discounted railway rates and this enables TopProm to reduce clean coal net cost.