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Shchedrukhinskaya’s novelties

From January 2015 the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant put into operation new railway equipment: a wagon inspection platform and a loudspeaker communication system.

The wagon inspection platform is equipped with three surveillance cameras, installed at the plant’s railway. The cameras capture the top and side views of a wagon, which enables operators to control the clean coal loading process being at the workplace. Besides the cameras can identify wagon numbers and keep those on file for a long time.  

The new loudspeaker communication system serves to inform the station operators on all the shunting hauls of wagons and locomotives, which guarantees safety and increases efficiency of work during shunting. 

The new equipment was installed at the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant due to the technical conditions is of the Russian Railways, which are compulsory to comply with in order to increase volumes of cargo from 2.4 to 4.2 MTPA.