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Taibinskaya turns 65

On 15 June the Taibinskaya washplant – the oldest manufacturer in Kemerovo region - celebrated its 65th anniversary.

To mark the event we organized a concert for the employees and retired workers.

The deputy mayor for housing and public utility sector – Vladimir Skirta - came to congratulate our people, highlighting the significant contribution of the washplant into the development of Kiselyovsk.

The audience enjoyed the performance of the local dancers and musicians, the employees and retired workers got gifts and flowers.

In his speech, Dmitry Kurtukov, the director of the Taibinskaya washplant, mentioned that, during the time the plant has been owned by TopProm Holding, it has undergone vital technical upgrade projects, which enable the plant to produce high-quality coal, largely required in the coke-chemical market.

Olga Levshenkova, Economics & Finance Director in TopProm JSC, thanked the washplant employees for their professionalism, zealous attitude to their work and respect for the company traditions, and added, that only an honorable past creates a sustainable present and a confident future.

As an anniversary gift from TopProm Holding, the Taibinskaya washplant was granted 300 thousand Rubles to upgrade the event hall.

65 лет обогатительной фабрике «Тайбинская»
65 лет обогатительной фабрике «Тайбинская»
65 лет обогатительной фабрике «Тайбинская»
65 лет обогатительной фабрике «Тайбинская»