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Tender-based procurement system brings good results

Procurement at Tender.Pro electronic trading platform brings good results. This has been proved by trade and purchase analysis. Within less than half a year, TopProm Holding has issued more than 170 purchase tenders.

Up to date TopProm has closed 88% of its tenders at Tender.Pro. It’s indicative that the number of companies found and invited by TopProm to participate in the tenders (along with Tender.Pro automatic invitations) average to about 11 companies per each tender. In total this number approximates to 1,200 companies. According to the Tender.Pro data, this high result and efficient work of the procurement department make TopProm an absolute leader among Tender.Pro users.

Another fact explaining TopProm’s efficiency in tendering is a thorough tender elaboration on the part of Tender.Pro Marketing Department. Within the above period the total number of companies invited for TopProm’s tenders amounts to 14,747. On average there were 135 companies invited to each tender, and 632 of the total number took part in the tenders – 5.8 companies for each tender on average. It should be noted that this figure exceeds the average among the system users in 1.8 times: the average number of participants at Tender.Pro in February 2013 was 3.26.

These excellent results are indicative of active work of all TopProm’s procurement departments and of high competitiveness in the opened tenders. This ensures maximum effect from trading and purchasing operations carried out on the Tender.Pro electronic trading platform.