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Best Siberian coal companies announced

According to the Expert-Siberia magazine, TopProm CJSC joined the ranks of the largest companies of coal industry. TopProm ranked number three in its group as regards to sales growth rate per year.

The Expert-Siberia magazine, issue No.45 (12-18 November 2012), summed up the results of the latest rating of the largest companies in Siberia. According to the analysts: “In respect of the trend data, we can see that revenues and net profit trends are positive, enterprises are getting bigger, dozens of new powerful enterprises are emerging and low-efficient companies are transforming into the average ones. Coal industry shows pretty good strengthening – dozens of new underground and open-pit mines and coal washeries have appeared. Volumes of revenues have grown three-to-four-fold, and many companies have gained the status of global players.”

TopProm CJSC can be referred to flexible young companies of industrial sector. The company demonstrated considerable sales growth rates in 2011: 110.5%. If compared with the indicators of the previous year, positive dynamics can be observed: volume of sales in 2010 – 2 937.5 mln. roubles; in 2011 – 6 183.3 mln. roubles.

This was reflected in the rating: thus, in 2010  TopProm CJSC was placed number 206 in the ranking of the largest Siberian companies, and in the current year 2012 it has risen a half of the rating up and ranks number 126 and number 22 in the rating of the largest coal companies in Siberia.

In summary, it can be concluded that TopProm CJSC shows stable growth and development. And this happens, in its turn, principally due to the high quality of the produced clean coal, which is in good demand among customers.

Year after year the customers’ confidence goes up. Currently, TopProm Holding has built quite effective economic, inter-industrial, manufacturing and financial ties, which allow to expect leading positions in the near term.

The data for the article were taken from the Experet-Siberia magazine, issue No.45 (353).