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The Leader of Russia 2013

On May 29th 2013 Moscow hosted an awarding ceremony for the best enterprises in their industry sector according to the National Business Ranking. The directors and senior staff of the leading companies from all economic segments of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus were invited to the ceremony.

As a reminder, according to the results of the nationwide Ranking which was based on assessment of 8 indicators of financial and economic activity, TopProm was ranked number 6 in Russia in the category “Solid Fuel Wholesale”.

At the official ceremony TopProm CJSC was given an award certificate “The Leader of Russia 2013”. Besides, the Director of TopProm Holding Nikolay Korolev was awarded with a personal medal named “The Glory of Russia”. Tatyana Bobrova, the Chief Accountant of TopProm, was granted a federal certificate “The Specialist of 2013” and Evgeny Renge, the Holding’s Executive Director, was honored with a “Medal for Efficiency”.

Nikolay Korolev expressed his gratitude to the whole team of TopProm Holding and indicated that this award was obtained thanks to each employee’s contribution to the company development. For this reason, the “Leader of Russia 2013” is everyone’s award representing well-coordinated and effective teamwork.