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We can do it-2012: results

On September 27th the awarding ceremony for the participants of the annual ecological city festival Ecofest–2012 was held in the Administration of the Central District, as well as the results of the all-Russia environmental campaign were announced.

More than 2800 citizens, as well as the Head of the city V.G. Smolego, took part in this grand cleaning. As a result 521 tons of garbage was collected and 61 socially-significant places like public gardens, river banks and ponds were cleaned up.

The results of the campaign were summoned up at the awarding ceremony organized by the Committee for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Novokuznetsk City Administration. The Director of the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant N.A. Yezersky was given a Letter of Thanks for participating in a large-scale environmental campaign We can do it-2012", signed by the Head of Novokuznetsk city Valery Smolego. One more Letter of Thanks for TopProm CJSC was received by its authorized representative – the ecologist of the Shchedrukhinskaya plant I.V. Khaitova.

It is in TopProm’s plans to continue cooperation with the City Administration and the regional authorities and personally participate in such campaigns that can improve environmental condition. As explained by I.V. Khaitova, participation in ecological projects is extremely important for any modern enterprise as a continuation of the policy of rational use of natural resources.

On behalf of TopProm’s staff, which consists of more than 1000 people, we thank the organizers of the campaign We can do it-2012 for giving the chance to help and to participate in this good deed!