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The exhibition “Taking the Path of Kuznetsky Alatau” continues travelling

On October 18th Mezhdurechensk hosted the opening of the exhibition “Taking the Path of Kuznetsky Alatau”. This is the third city after Novokuznetsk and Prokopyevsk that accepts this unique photo exhibition of the State Nature Reserve wildlife.

This time the exhibition was held in the exposition hall of Mezhdurechensk city. The exhibition opening traditionally included the presentation of 100 photos of Kuznetkiy Alatau wildlife (taken by Sergey Shakuro and Alexey Vasilchenko) and the showing of documentary film “The Results of one expedition”, shot in the area of the Rybnoye lake and the Kanym mountain ridge.

In the course of the show, a competition for the best poetic title to a photo was also held.

The representatives of the city administration headed by the City Mayor Vadim Shamonin were the guests of honor at the exhibition. And as Mr. Shaminin said: “The Kuzbass is valued for not only the tons of coal, but also its pristine nature, the beauty of which can be witnessed by the exhibition visitors”.

The exhibition “Taking the Path of Kuznetsky Alatau” in the city of Mezhdurechensk will be open till late February.