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TopProm congratulates veterans. Issue 2

We continue giving a brief view of the milestones of our veterans’ lives in the pre-anniversary news reports.

Zaripova, Farkhizamal Zamaletdinovna

Was born on the 4th of September 1931 in the village of Ussuriyskaya, the Chuvash Republic. During wartime was a worker at a communal farm. In 1960 came to Novokuznetsk, in 1962 her first son was born. In 1995 was working a cleaning manager at the Yubileynaya mine.

Petyakina, Mariya Arsentyevna

Was born on the 18th of June 1926 in the village of Kalachyovka, Omsk region. During and after war till 1953 was working as an accountant at a communal farm, then as a bookkeeper at an office. In 1953 came to Novokuznetsk. From 1955 to 1981 was working at the Yubileynaya mine, first as a record keeper, then as an accountant.

To be continued