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TopProm downhill escapade in Sheregesh

About 100 TopProm employees took part in a ski & snowboard descent in the ski resort of Sheregesh, Kemerovo region, Russia.

We took the express passenger train Novokuznetsk-Sheregesh to get to our destination. “It was a true family holiday, as many brought their kids. Skis, snowboards, gifts, music. We had only 5 days to organize the pre-New Year event - and we did it!”, as our HR officer, Kseniya Tsybusova has mentioned.

Apart from those who actually took part in the descent, a hundred came to support the participants, all in all, there were 212 of us to ski and have fun together.

Около 100 сотрудников Холдинга «ТопПром» приняли участие в массовом спуске на лыжах и сноубордах с горы Зелёная в Шерегеше