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TopProm Holding: investing in the future of Kuzbass

TopProm Holding has been acting in the Kuzbass coal market for already thirteen years. Our general guideline is selling clean coal to the domestic and foreign metallurgical and coke-chemical plants. The 2014 management plans include a cost reduction at the plants, as well as an increase of the coal sales by 30% in reference to the year 2013, which will allow upon the income of over 10 billion rubles to assure the production profitability increase.

These days our largest investment project is the recovery of the Jubileynaya mine. The commercial coal reserves of the mine make up 76 700 thousand tons, while the estimated capacity will make up 1350 thousand tons per year at start. In 2013 we implemented over 300 million rubles within the framework of this project, and over 1.6 billion rubles are planned to be spent in 2014.

The start of the Jubileynaya mine and the first coal production are scheduled for the year  2016. The implementation of The Jubileynaya Mine Upgrade Project will allow providing the Holding with its own raw material base of fat coal. The prospective foundation of the manufacturing unit composed of the Jubileynaya mine and the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant assures an additional competitive advantage in the clean coal market.

These days we're assembling the first tunneling equipment in the Jubileynaya mine and conducting the preparatory and design works. Our subsurface management license has been extended up to 2019. The 2014 plans include assembing a gas-drainage pipelines network and processing up to 15 km of tunnels. Even now we're creating new job positions in the mine, and by 2016 the staff headcount will make up 1162 employees. Taking into consideration the fact that currently 260 people are working at the mine, TopProm will create over 900 positions.

Apart from the investment project of the Jubileynaya mine TopProm Holding is planning to spend over 300 million rubles to support the industrial capacities of the functioning coal preparation plants - Shchedrukhinskaya, Koksovaya and Taibinskaya. At each plant we're conducting works on improvement of labor conditions and industrial safety and putting into operation new technological equipment. In 2013 we increased the average salary by up to 20% for a number of engineering staff workers and specialists.