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TopProm's transport unit acquires new special-purpose vehicles

TransAvto received five specialized vehicles. These are dump trucks, front loaders, and a fuel truck.

Chinese-made SHACMAN machines are an adequate alternative to EU products. These are real hardy beasts. The trucks are good at fuel economy and environmentally friendly - their engines can boast extra low emissions of harmful substances into the environment. The dump trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, well qualified for haul roads. SMART loaders can tackle numerous range of tasks as well. They are used for lifting, transporting and stacking various kinds of cargos.

Dump trucks are manufactured using a German design, so they meet all current requirements for specialized vehicles

"In order to reduce downtime of vehicles and promptly handle operational tasks, we decided to get a new fuel truck,” commented Andrey Gusev, head of the repair shop. "Today, the products of the UralSpetsTrans engineering plant seem a most viable option."

The fuel truck will be used for prompt refueling of dump trucks, loaders, and bulldozers

In the coming weeks, the trucks will be put on line at the Yubileynaya mine and Shchedrukhinskaya washplant. Meanwhile, TransAvto continues to expand its fleet and opens vacancies for new drivers.