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Vote for the best!

From March 25th till September 29th 2013 Russia 1 TV channel and the Russian Geographic Society with asupport of the TV channels Russia 2, Russia 24, Moscow 24, My Planet and The Country, as well as the regional TV companies and radio stations Vesti FM, Mayak, Radio of Russia, the Internet portals Vesti.Ru and Country.Ru, with informational support of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper will be holding a contest named The Russia’s 10. The project goal is to select ten new visual symbols of Russia through nationwide polling.

In the course of preliminary polling, conducted in the Russian regions, more than 700 objects were chosen for the competition – those are architectural, natural and cultural monuments of our country. Each region submitted the most interesting and worthy sights for the competition.

It is particularly important for Kemerovo region, which is an industrial and a coal mining heart of Russia, to save the places of wilderness. The Kuznetsky Alatau Nature Reserve, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, has long been under our patronage.

If you agree that Kuznetsky Alatau deserves to be a symbol of Russia, please vote for the Nature Reserve in the project “Russia’s 10”, following the link


Kuznetsky Alatau Nature Reserve occupies the central part of the mountain group similarly named Kuznetsky Alatau and it covers the territory of 412.9 thousand hectares, more than half of which are forests. The Tom and the Chulym rivers take their rise on the territory of the Reserve. These are the largest tributaries of the Ob river. The Reserve is unique thanks to the existence of small glaciers on unusually low absolute altitudes, i.e. none of the intercontinental areas in the same latitudes in the northern hemisphere have glaciers. The deepest lake in Kuzbass – the Srednetersinskoye Lake (60 meters deep) – is located in the Reserve, as well as the largest glacial lake in the area – the Rybnoye Lake (1000 m long and 500 m wide), which is inhabited by graylings.