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Victory Anniversary project casting

These days the organizers of the Victory Anniversary poetic project are listing participants and selecting poems. On Thursday, March 26th, the TopProm HQ hosted the children’s casting.

The casting was performed among the kids whose parents are employed at the Koksovaya and Shchedrukhinskaya plants, the Yubileynaya mine and TopProm JSC.

The reciters aged 4 to 15 had a responsible mission – to dramatically read war poems by heart. No wonder all of them were nervous, but still managed to accomplish the mission with dignity.

Ms. Natalia Goncharova, the script editor of the TV channel 10, praised the artistic skill and diligence of the participants.

An additional casting for the employees is scheduled for 4 p.m. Everyone interested is invited!

Novokuznetsk TV Channel 10 with sponsorship from TopProm will make four videos capturing the TopProm employees, veterans and children reading poems about the Great Patriotic War.