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Winners all around!

On Saturday, November 8, the Baydayevets Sports Club hosted a futsal tournament among business partners – TopProm CJSC, Sberbank of Russia OJSC, Koks OJSC and Polyany OJSC. Their teams competed for the Friendship Cup.

Colleagues and family members came to support the best futsal players of the businesses, that’s why the atmosphere of the whole tournament was really warm and homely.

After the entering speech by the TopProm Holding General Director Andrey Mikhaylovich Borshchevich started the competition in which each team showed up strong. Based on the results of the game Andrey Garifulin (Polyany OJSC) was announced the top goalscorer, Stanislav Dombrovsky (Sberbank of Russia OJSC) became the best goalkeeper and Anton Chudov (TopProm CJSC) was selected the defender No.1.

The winners’ podium appeared as follows:

I - Koks OJSC;

II - Polyany OJSC;

III - Sberbank of Russia OJSC;

IV - TopProm CJSC.

During the game the supporters were cheering their champions, and in the halftime everyone could take refreshment and participate in funny contests.  

It was the second time when TopProm Holding organized the Friendship Cup tournament, and this proved to contribute to better development of partnership. The participants got not only commemorative prizes from the hosts of the event, but also a lot of positive emotions and good mood for the whole weekend.