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The Yubileynaya Mine: everything as planned

In February 2013 TopProm CJSC acquired the Yubileynaya Mine from EVRAZ Group. After 2.5 years of upgrade the mine annual output is to achieve 1.3 million tons of coal.

Last year TopProm concluded a contract with Kuzbassgiproshakht - a design company to elaborate the project documentation. Besides we obtained an approval from Rostekhnadzor for the mining schedule in the second half of 2013, and now we can finally bring back to life the idled mine.

The work at the mine is not limited solely to preparation of documentation. We are now assembling the trunk conveyor line and will have three existing conveyors upgraded in near future. Besides we have plans to install four new conveyors by the end of the year.

The current work includes clearing up the life-lines of the mine and isolation of the redundant seam No.25 as well. The hoisting unit, which is to deliver equipment and work material along the inclined cross-cut, is being adjusted.

According to the mine management team the project was scheduled in a way allowing to make all possible arrangements for future mining operations when preparing project documents.