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Yubileynaya mine foreman becomes fifth in winter triathlon competition

The All-Russian winter sports competition for amateurs has come to a close in Kuzbass: 350 participants from 14 regions gathered in Kemerovo. TopProm, a regular participant in such kind of events, was represented by Andrey Podlesnykh, the foreman in the Yubileynaya mine. In his age group, Mr. Podlesnykh became fifth in the winter triathlon competition.  

Andrey, who is in charge of the mine's ventilation efficiency, competed in the individual all-around and covered a distance of 16 kilometers. This was a four-kilometer run, then - cycling for six kilometers, and, finally, a six-kilometer ski race.

"In fact, it was my first triathlon. The cycling race was especially hard, as the snow on the track had melted, and on the climbs we had to push our bikes through the snow broth,” the Yubileynaya foreman shares his impressions. “Anyway, it was an exciting experience. The organizers had some fun as well – from time to time they had to throw snow onto the track with shovels so that skiers could just pass!"

It took Andrey 1 hour and 27 minutes to cover the distance

This example shows that anyone can test their strength in such kind of winter sports. After all, you are already a winner when you're at the starting line!