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Yubileynaya Mine: new starting point

On February 14th, 2013 the Yubileynaya Mine completely passed into control of TopProm from EVRAZ Group. We plan to invest 4 billion rubles in the mine upgrade, which are going to be disbursed within approximately 2.5 years. The reconstruction process will start from increasing the number of technical staff and improving working conditions.

Our management team believes that the conditions provided for the employees determinate their attitude towards work and, consequently, its result. Therefore, the process of the Mine's development will begin, first of all, with creating working conditions required for the employees’ comfortable work: renovation of washing rooms, lamp room, changing room and sanitary conveniences. At a later stage, the existing health post will be renovated and a new canteen will be built. All existing facilities and their condition have been inspected and the contractors for reconstruction have been chosen.

Now there is a shortage of personnel at the mine, both office employees and mineworkers. With the aim to start the development process as soon as possible, in the short term the mine staff will be increased from 186 to 248 people.

Recently TopProm entered into agreement with Kuzbassgiproshakht Scientific Institute to develop the mine reconstruction project. In general, TopProm Holding is going to follow the plan of mining operations that was initially worked out by EVRAZ Group. In 2013 main transport routes and conveyor lines of Yubileynaya will be reconstructed. The gas drainage system will be in special focus, since the mine is qualified as methane outburst hazardous mine.

The mine is expected to be producing 1.5 million tons of coal per year after the reconstruction. The commissioning will become the last stage in creating the first Mining and Processing Complex in the structure of TopProm Holding, which will comprise the Yubileynaya Mine and the Shchedrukhinskaya Plant. The concept of this Complex is to clean the produced raw coal at the washery located 800 m from the mine.

Background information:

The Yubileynaya Mine was established in 1966 as a hydromine named Baidayevskaya-Severnaya No.1. The produced coal of rank “Zh” (fat coal) is referred to the category of rare coals. There are very few places in Russia where this type of coal is available. Recoverable reserves of the mine amount to 70 million tons.