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Yubileynaya project update

The support units in longwall 16-17 of the Yubileynaya have been fully assembled. Commissioning of the new longwall and the first coal are scheduled for January 2016.

“A remarkable amount of work has been done throughout the Yubileynaya upgrade project since 2013”, says Alexander Ivanov, the Chief Technical Officer in TopProm JSC. By now we’ve completed  double face development from the centre and flange. As a result the extraction pillar 16-17 with reserves of 1.3 million tons of fat coal has been entirely outlined. Over 10 km have been developed. In the longwall 16-17 we’ve assembled the support М-138, cutter-loader, longwall conveyor, scraper gate-end loader, oil-pumping station and power train. What remains to be done is to complete assembling belt conveyors for the belt entry and to erect isolation and ventilation structures. The entire set of works on preparing the longwall for commissioning in January 2016 has been done.