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2 February 2016 the Yubileynaya mine restarts output of fat coal. That means we’ve completed our key project on the creation of a mining-and-processing integrated plant combining the mine and the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant.

During 2013-2016 a remarkable amount of work has been done at the mine, including both finalization of technical documents and recovery of all the mine’s key “units”: delivery, transport, development, output and safety provision.

For the Yubileynaya mine we’ve procured state-of-the-art equipment from the world’s and Russian industry leaders, new machines for coal-face works. The power support units М-138 have been completely overhauled. For the preparation works we’ve acquired three cutter-loaders KP-150 and two KP-220 (Russia) - experimental models, manufactured to be tested at the Yubileynaya mine, and also tunneling machines Remag R-2000 and JOY RH-260B.

A trunk conveyor line of nine belt conveyors, and five area belt conveyors have been assembled. The total length is 7.6 km. Along the roadways there was channeled a suspended monorail of 14.5 km in length.

Special consideration was given to safety. The Yubileynaya mine is equipped with a multifunctional safety system. The gas protection system Mikon-3 provides control over all the aspects of the mine’s operation. The range of measures at the cost of 500 billion Rubles will enable extraction of methane from a coal seam prior to its development and during coal-face work, this is expected to reduce the absolute gas content of the development area by more than 80%.

The volume of investments into the Yubileynaya mine’s upgrade is worth 6.4 billion Rubles. Sberbank PJSC became the Holding’s financial partner with regard to the project implementation.

The official event devoted to the mine’s restart was attended by the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, representatives of the Kemerovo region and Novokuznetsk administrations, business partners and the TopProm management team, the mine’s employees and veterans. Restart of the mine in February 2016 is in a way symbolic for the enterprise, which celebrates its 50th anniversary and, at the same time, marks the beginning of its new history.

The mine’s restart is an event of great social significance. Today the mine already has 600 employees and about 400 contractors. We’re expecting to increase tax payments to the regional consolidated budget of up to 10% compared to 2015.

The mine’s design capacity is 1.350 MTPA. With a view to progressive development in future we plan to produce up to 2 million tons of premium raw fat coal. The commercial reserves reach over 70 million tons. Within 2016 we’re planning to produce 1 million 240 thousand tons of coal from the new longwall 16-17. The mine’s coal is to be processed at the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant, which means we’ve created a mining-and-processing integrated plant in the Holding’s structure. Its work will provide sustainable shipments of clean fat coal to end-users domestically and abroad to the amount of up to 100 thousand tons monthly.


TopProm Holding has been in the Russian coal market since 2000. The core activity is coal production and processing.

The production capacity: three washplants with total capacity of 6.8 million tons.

The total volume of coal processing at our washplants for 2010-2015 reached 17.1 million tons with 14.9 million tons of clean coal produced. 

We have about 65 high-capacity machines at our disposal. The Holding employs over 1800 people. The coal sales area covers 17 regions both in Russia and abroad.

The Yubileynaya mine – our prospective raw material base– joined the Holding in 2013.

The mine began its history in 1966 as the hydromine Baydayevskaya-Severnaya No.1. The Yubileynaya mine used to be the coal leader in Kuzbass and all the country as well. Production and tunneling achievements of the mine’s team made the history of the coal industry. 

Mining was stopped in late 2010. In 2011-2013 the mine was mothballed.

After acquiring the coal asset in 2013 TopProm Holding set direction for the mine’s upgrade. In accordance with the project, developed by Kuzbassgiproshakht OJSC, the Yubileynaya mine was re-commissioned in February 2016.

Over the recent years the project implementation has been the top target for the mine and the whole TopProm team.