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To buy coal

Available ranks of coal
“G” (gas coal) – coking and steaming, “GZhO” (gas fat lean coal), “KS” (coking low-caking coal), “KSN” (coking low-caking low-metamorphized coal), “KO” (coking lean coal), “Zh” (fat coal), “GZh” (gas fat coal), “GZh + Zh” (gas fat coal + fat coal)

Purchase Request

If you are interested in buying our coal, it is required to submit a request letter on your company letterhead paper, containing the information as follows:

  • Rank of coal concentrate
  • Scope of supply (tons)
  • Delivery time/period
  • Requirements for clean coal
  • Consignee’s name
  • Terms of delivery
  • Price
  • Carrier’s name
  • Contact information