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Eco-Team visits Shchedrukhinskaya

On the 10th of August, the Eco-Team uniting journalists, community workers, together with Elena Ushakova, the lecturer of the Solid Fuels Department in Kuzbass State Technical University, visited one of the TopProm enterprises – the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant.

The volunteers learned a lot about the closed-loop water-slurry system in the washplant technology. The Shchedrukhinskaya washplant doesn’t use slurry dumps, which minimizes the impact of the production on the Kuzbass’ environment. 

As Evgeny Grechukha, the washplant director, mentioned, “the environmental friendliness issue today is one of the vital things for all enterprises in the region. The closed-loop water-slurry system at the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant is one of our most significant advantages”.

The closed system prevents the industrial effluents from entering water bodies, besides, natural surfaces do not suffer from stripping of large volumes of water, all the industrial water undergoes cleaning and is reused.  The Eco-Team had a chance to get acquainted with all the production stages and could see the rational water usage at first hand.

Активисты «ЭКОдесанта» познакомились с замкнутым циклом использования воды в процессе обогащения угля.