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Ecology and Safety

The Holding’s senior executives believe that health and safety management system along with environmental protection are essential elements of efficient production control. This is why our enterprises gradually adopt the world’s best practices in this field. All safety-related information is widely available.

Occupational health and safety

We operate our plants in accordance with requirements stipulated by applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, and in compliance with our own labor safety standards.

The senior executives of our enterprises keep a commitment to managing occupational risks that may impact on health and safety of our employees, as well as on equipment, property or environment.


Environment protection

The Holding management team pays special attention to nature protection and shows how to run an eversafe industrial enterprise. The Shchedrukhinskaya CPP is an environmentally safe and ecologically impeccable washery: no flotation methods used and no industrial waste discharged. Soil tailings of the washing process are utilized for mined land reclamation in Ordzhonikidzevskiy district of Novokuznetsk city. Besides, there are specialized vehicles and spraying machines to clean production areas and the Plant territory.

For many years now we've been supporting one of the most beautiful national parks on the planet – Kuznetsky Alatau State Natural Reserve. Jointly with the Reserve we've implemented plenty of environmental projects, oriented to raising ecological awareness of students and wider population. For example in 2012-2013 My Planet TV channel produced and showed a documentary on a decrease in the number of wild reindeer in Kuznetskiy Alatau - the film was initiated and sponsored by TopProm Holding.

Besides, together with the Committee for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Novokuznetsk TopProm has developed its own program of ecological events to be carried out. We call on everyone - both individuals and entities - to participate in ecological projects.


The TopProm plants have licensed medical stations where employees can get medical examination and take a course of therapy in case of illness.

To maintain occupational health and safety we

  • do our best to prevent accidents and potential damage to health;
  • improve working conditions and safety;
  • ensure personnel's preparedness to confine emergency situations;
  • methodically train our employees in occupational safety and environment protection;
  • provide resources for implementation of our Health, Safety and Environment Policy;
  • gradually adopt the world’s best practices in the field of equipment, technology, occupational safety and environment protection management;
  • make safety profile transparent and available to all interested parties;
  • regularly upgrade personnel's skill level in terms of occupational health and safety;
  • encourage staff to create and maintain safe labor conditions;
  • apply the requirements of our Industrial Safety Management System to contractors who work at our plants on-site;
  • keep our employees and other parties involved up-to-date on adjustments in the Health, Safety and Environment Policy.