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Taibinskaya CPP

The Taibinskaya coal preparation plant became a part of TopProm Holding on the 28th of February 2012. The major advantages of the plant are a coal-drying facility and a flotation cell which enables to produce dry clean coal and wash coal of up to 0mm.

The plant production capacity is 1.3 million tons of clean coal per year

The Taibinskaya coal preparation plant was built and put into operation in 1953. The technology applied at the enterprise allows to clean raw coal of coking grades maintaining consistent quality.

In order to satisfy the ever-growing market demand for clean coal the Holding management carries out a systematic upgrade aimed to expand the production capacity of the plant.


A Production capacity of 1.3 million tons of clean coal per year 

Washing technology specifics

The coal is washed through jigging, which is based on specific gravity separation of the mineral blend in vertical pulsating water flow. The end products of jigging are high-yield clean coal and discard. Due to high specific capacity, lower power consumption, easy-handled equipment and relatively high separation sharpness (being second only to heavy-medium separation in this regard) jigging ranks among the most cost-effective methods of coal washing.

The quality of raw and clean coal is controlled by an in-house laboratory and a quality control department, which are in charge of sampling and testing procedures.


Currently the plant is being upgraded wihtout downtime in order to increase the clean coal quality and the production capacity. The equipment replacement will enable washing coking and thermal coals. In the course of the upgrade special emphasis is put on the measures aimed to bring the production process in compliance with all the health and safety regulations, as well as to the environment protection rules of Kiselyovsk-city.