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10th annual company sports contest held by TopProm

For the 10th time, TopProm gathered teams of its companies at the traditional competition. This year, the team was joined by the Abashevskaya mine, which recently became part of TopProm. The event brought together about five thousand employees and their family members.

 The participants competed in medley relay, mas-wrestling (Yakut ethnosport), table tennis, arena football, volleyball, kettlebell press, darts, pull-ups and tug-of-war. The employees also fought for the cup of the TopProm's strongest person.

"I myself took part in the first contest ten years ago and ran a race," mentioned Olga Levshenkova, General Director of TopProm. "I’m so happy the tradition has continued! For us, it's more than just sports. This is team spirit and togetherness, excellent mood, and after all a great family pastime."

At the end of the day, the results were tabulated, and the teams were placed as follows:

The Cup of the TopProm's strongest person was taken by Arkady Tuydenov, the service and repair technician at the Shchedrukhinskaya washplant.