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“I share credit with the team”: Dmitry Kurtukov named Person of the Year

In late February, the mayor's office in Prokopyevsk gave a reception, where its citizens were honored for most significant contributions to the city development. The awardees were people of various professions. TopProm, in its turn, proudly added to the list - Dmitry Kurtukov, director of the Koksovaya washplant, was named Person of the Year in the Industry category.

Dmitry Anatolyevich is a true leader, whose pro-active approach to life makes him always be on the go: with the washplant's equipment being upgraded and production processes being rationalized, working conditions for people become better, the environmental effect lessens, and the washed coal quality picks up.

- Each of you is unique in his or her field. With your accomplishments, you've earned reputation for yourself and our region, - Maxim Shkarabeynikov, the mayor of Prokopyevsk, addressed the awardees. – Thank you for your dedication and concern about our city.

The Koksovaya washplant under the leadership of Dmitry Kurtukov regularly initiates activities to the benefit of society - they organize litter picks, engage in other site improvements, provide special vehicles to clear winter roads and trucks to deliver coal allowance to the country part of the city.

– Such an active involvement in the social life of the city is successfully combined with our top priority - ensuring safe and efficient production. TopProm has carried out a large technical upgrade of the washplant, aimed at improving the operation performance and environmental friendliness. It is vital to provide employees with comfortable working conditions and respectable wages, and to supply high-quality washed coal to the end-users. I regard this Person of the Year award as the achievement of our entire team, - said Dmitry Kurtukov.

The Person of the Year award was established in 1998, since then, as many as 1005 citizens were granted this title in various categories.