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Miners and coal preparation engineers of TopProm receive 203 awards

The most distinguished miners and coal preparation engineers of TopProm were awarded on the Miner's Day. Our employees were granted 203 awards from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the cities' and region's governments plus company medals and diplomas. This year, the awards are especially valuable, as, on the Miner's Day, TopProm celebrated its 20th anniversary.

"We not only mine coal - from it, we produce goods with high added value, namely premium washed coal. That is true that the industry has been through hardships lately, but I am certain that the downturn will be definitely followed by an upswing. Our employees are top experts, experienced professionals, capable of coping with the most challenging tasks,” said Vladimir Chestneyshin, General Director of TopProm Holding.

As usual, the company awarded the most creative ones who received a special badge - “Employee of high promise” - and gift certificates for training courses of their choice. TopProm also gave credit to the veterans of coal industry who shared their valuable expertise and knowledge with the youth.

"This is really good that the company remembers about us. It's always a pleasure to visit the mine again and remember the time when we were working there. For all of us, Yubileynaya is like a second family," Alexander Ivanov, a veteran of the mine, shares his thoughts.

"I congratulate all the coal miners on their professional day! For the new "mining year" to come, I wish you success at work, good health, peace and confidence in the future, attention and care of your loved ones," Vladimir Chestneyshin adds.