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“Novokuznetsk district: faces of history” book released

The release of the anthology, published with the support of TopProm, was timed to the 95th anniversary of the district. The authors had been collecting information for a year and a half, which resulted in 95 stories about the lives of people who became part of the rich history of our district.

- In order to gather content for the book, we talked to the characters’ relatives living in different cities and countries, delved into professional literature on animal breeding, farming and whatnot, - says Irina Lavrenova, the book editor, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
One of the sections of the book is dedicated to our 13 fellow-countrymen, bearing the high title of "Hero of the Soviet Union".
- TopProm helps preserve the unique history of its native land. Knowing our history, we can better understand the past, evaluate the present and build the future, adhering to the universal human values, - says Olga Karbolina, PR Director of TopProm.

Of course, one book wasn't enough to embrace all chapters of the district's history, so the authors are ready to continue working with historical evidence.
Our district is alive and well. We plan to resume the stories about our characters in our next book, which will be a sequel to the anniversary edition, - says Andrey Sharnin, the head of the Novokuznetsk district.
The authors and characters of the book were the first ones to receive printed copies of the anthology, the total number of which is one thousand. The rest will be distributed into libraries, schools and administrations of village settlements of the Novokuznetsk district.