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Yubileynaya mine introduces electronic health checkup system

The new appliance fully automates the process of medical check-up. It also excludes the human factor, as the devices provide an impartial assessment of an employee's health status. All results are entered into an electronic database, and the system delivers the verdict on whether a worker can proceed with his or her work duties.

Our employees used to spend about 3-5 minutes on a pre-shift check-up each. Now, in about just one minute, the device measures a person's blood pressure, pulse, temperature, checks the activity of the central nervous system, and makes an alcohol test. So, one device can “process“ as many as 50 people within an hour. Four such systems have already been installed at the Yubileynaya mine, and six more will appear before the end of the year.

"It is vital that the workers enter their workplaces healthy. Such high-tech equipment allows to perform a screening test and minimize occupational risks," Konstantin Zelentsov, director of the Yubileynaya mine, said. "The introduction of an electronic pre-shift check-up system is another step towards increasing the level of industrial safety at our mine."

According to the miners, the recently introduced pre-shift check-up is becoming routine quite quickly. The system is plain, and at the same time, it allows to involve a medical officer if necessary. When all measurements are good, the person gets access to the working area. In case of any deviations, the medical officer of the mine steps in, and, either approves the work permit based on the health checkup data or summons the worker for an additional personal examination.

"We can evaluate the results in real time, which helps us reveal high-risk groups, especially related to cardiovascular diseases, the key symptom of which is hypertension," says Lyudmila Silayeva, head of the Yubileynaya’s health unit. "We regularly work with the employees at risk to prevent the progression of the disease and maintain good health indicators. If necessary, a worker gets an appointment to visit a medical specialist for examination, selection of treatment or adjustment of the earlier prescribed treatment."

We'd like to add that the Yubileynaya mine also has corporate programs for employees' health promotion and post-shift recovery.