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Yubileynaya miners take part in designing powered support units

The pilot items manufactured by the Branch of UPE “Niva” – “Mining Equipment Plant” - with the participation of the Yubileynaya miners, have passed certification tests. The first units of the support have already arrived at our mine.

When designing the units, the Niva engineers were using innovative approaches and adopting cutting edge production technologies - more specifically, the technologies for welding high-strength steel and heat treatment of metalwork.

According to Ivan Safonov, chief mechanical engineer at the Yubileynaya mine, our employees have made a number of proposals in order to improve safety properties and to simplify maintenance and repair processes.


Two-column units with a 1.5 m installation increment and a maximum extension of 2.1 m are manufactured taking into account the mining and geological conditions of the Yubileynaya mine. The equipment will be put into operation in the nearest future.