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TopProm employees recognized with medals on the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass

While officially the Kemerovo region is 75, it's been 300 years since the commercial exploitation of Kuzbass - or "Kuznetsk coal basin" - was started. 175 residents of Novokuznetsk were awarded medals on this occasion. Veterans of work, citizens of honor, teachers, technicians, heads of businesses and ordinary workers gathered in the city hall - all those who make a difference in the region with their everyday effort.

As recently as in March, the Governor established this award for the citizens of the whole region. Among those who received the medal in Novokuznetsk are representatives of various fields, naturally, including the coal industry. TopProm has proudly made its contribution to the list of awardees.

- All our assets are located in Kuzbass - we live and work here. That's why our aim is the prosperity of our region, as we believe businesses should bring value to the society. It is a high privilege and big responsibility to be honored with such an award. We are certain that, as long as we can, we'll be contributing to the well-being of Kuzbass, - says Olga Levshenkova, Head of Finance in TopProm.