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TopProm invests in closing water-slurry system at Taibinskaya washplant

TopProm Holding plans on investing about 120 million Rubles in closing the water-slurry system at the Taibinskaya washplant in Kiselyovsk. In future, this will allow to stop dumping waste water in sedimentary basins and reclaim the ground beneath them afterwards.

“We’ll install a chamber press-filter, spirals, sets of cyclones. This is a modern equipment, which will help decrease the influence of the washplant’s operation on the environment. Eventually this will enable us to refuse from using slurry basins. The area, where such basins are located now, later will be reclaimed”, as Oleg Sosnin, the counselor of the general director for coal washing, has reported.

The works for closing the water-slurry system have already started and are to be completed in 2019.