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TopProm renews war monument

Right on the eve of the Victory Day, the works were completed. Result: a renewed war monument in the village of Nizhniye Kinerki. On the granite plates of the monument, we can see the names of 72 natives of the village who fought in the Great Patriotic War. On May 9th, this place gathered locals: they honored the memory of the 72 heroes by holding a minute's silence and laying a floral wreath at the monument.

“The design concept responded to the wishes of our residents,” says Natalya Stroykina, head of the Sosnovsky municipality. - The names of the heroes who fell in action in the Great Patriotic War are listed on the plate on the right. On the left one you can read the names of those who returned from the war alive bringing along the Victory. All the renewal works were fully sponsored by TopProm.

The TopProm representatives also laid flowers at the monument to honor the war heroes and congratulated the villages on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

“The renewal of the war monument in Nizhniye Kinerki is part of a large social program in the Novokuznetsk region,” says Konstantin Zelentsov, director of the Yubileynaya mine. – We cherish the memory of our fellow countrymen who fell on the battlefields, and we hope to pass on to the younger generation our respect for the great history of our country.

The renewed monument in Nizhniye Kinerki will be officially opened to the public on June 24th.