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Yubileynaya Mine boosts its drilling rig fleet

The Yubileynaya mine is putting into operation a new self-propelled drilling rig CMS1-1200, which is expected to enhance drilling methane drainage and other maintenance holes, and will thus ensure safer operation.

The new machine is another example of how promising is self-propelled equipment that can independently move in the shortwalls and confined spaces. The cutting-edge plant automates the process and substitutes handwork when drawing drill pipes out of holes, which effectively prevents injuries. Other advantages are saving more time for relocation of face equipment and maintaining the required drilling rate.

– From now on, the drilling of holes for methane drainage and discharge is going to be faster as we need less time for delivery and installation of the machine. Moreover, the technical features of the rig allow to elongate the methane drainage holes up to 250 meters, thus, the gas content of the seam can be significantly reduced,” explains Konstantin Buyanov, deputy chief engineer for production at the Yubileynaya mine.

Meanwhile, the renewal of our mining machines fleet is going on. Our primary target is to ensure efficient and safe operation of the mine.